Stop being a meal prepping liar

I like to get right into things and meal prepping,  those pretty little plastic containers that you bought in high hopes of dropping 20+ pounds will not help you lose weight and here’s why:

My Personal Journey

Opening up honestly about his personal story Timothy Hokett has not always been a fitness guru. His struggles and journey of going up and down is proof that we all have setbacks but that does not determine where we end up. 

How often do you recommend working out for a female and what should I do?

We get a lot of great questions from you all on different things that you are concerned about or want to learn more about. 

So we decided to answer this recent FAQ with an audio video just so no key points are missed. 

Click the link in the blog to hear our Audio Video on how often females should workout on a consistent basis. 

Starbucks: Cake in a cup

One slice of yellow cake with frosting has an average of 239 calories; your favorite drink from Starbucks 487.

I eat eggs for breakfast every day is that bad?

Hey, you all. I hope everyone is well. So I received a text from a good friend of mine who told me that he consumes a two egg sandwich every day for breakfast and wanted to know was that ok. After I answered him, I figured this may be a question that many other health heads have so I wanted to go a little more into detail as well as share it with the world.