Cake cup.png

One slice of yellow cake with frosting has an average of 239 calories; your favorite drink from Starbucks 487.

Check the chart below to see how many pounds you gain per week from consuming some of your favorite beverages from Starbucks each day.

With nutrition the goal is to not only enjoy what you’re consuming but to always make sure that sustenance is adding to your body in a positive way. Consuming unnecessary calories like some of our favorite beverages above on such a consistent basis is one of the main reasons why we don’t get that amazing body we always dreamed about. Coffee is not bad, however it’s never about the product what matters is how we consume that product.

Let’s take ice cream for example, a great American treat that we all love year round. Now, if your goal is to lose weight or just maintain a healthy lifestyle do you think adding sprinkles, chocolate syrup, a brownie, and gummy bears to your bowl is a good idea? Apply that same sort of thinking to not only your morning pick me up but everything you consume from here on. If not, you mine as well eat your beloved slice of cake with breakfast every morning to start your day.

It’s time to take more responsibility for our health and everything we take in. Saying, “I never thought about it like that” is not an excuse your body can afford. The time is now and together we can accomplish a delightful life changing experience. 

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