I like to get right into things and meal prepping,  those pretty little plastic containers that you bought in high hopes of dropping 20+ pounds will not help you lose weight and here’s why:

1.       Who cares what color, shape, or size your plastic container is! What matters is what you are putting into it! Do your food choices suck?!

2.       Are you a cheater?

a.       One of the main ideas is that meal prepping will help you keep from overeating right? Now, if weight is shed by consuming fewer calories than what you have been consuming on a regular basis and you’re cooking your normal dinner options and take that normal plate size and transferring it to a ready to go container, what’s the point.

3.       Are you playing to win or are you playing the right way?

a.       To see significant weight loss you have to shed the unhealthy weight you already have. In other words exercise, burn that bad weight off and replace it with healthier more sustainable weight. Now, here’s another question and it’s not a trick, are you exercising the right way?

4.       Are you a know it all?

a.       The eye is the easiest way to be deceived. You have to adjust the quantity of certain foods you are consuming not change the presentation. The look of a “meal prep container” makes you believe that you are eating a healthier portion but how are you assessing the amount that should go into the container? If you are judging it based on your normal eyeball measurement, don’t be fooled.

5.       Are you a liar?

a.       One meal prepped meal a day does not determine the total of amount calories being consumed entirely. What does the rest of your day consist of? Even if you are meal prepping perfectly at work, what are you eating when no one else is watching? Don’t be that person that has been meal prepping at work for the last year and has yet to show signs of losing a pound.

6.       How many pats on the back do you need?

a.        A lot of people decide not only do their efforts need to be congratulated every day; they also need to be rewarded. Are your meal prep actions causing you to eat unhealthy desserts every night because you “deserve it”? How about every other night?

7.       Is meal prep causing you to overeat at other times of the day?

a.       Are you starving yourself at lunch to trick your mind into thinking you’ve got it all under control? How are you judging appropriate portion size? What ways are you certain that you know how much you are consuming at EACH meal, snack, drink choice etc.? Tired of counting calories yet?

8.       How long have you been meal prepping your meals? How much weight have you lost in the process? Now how much have you gained back? What conclusions can we come up with to analyze why we haven’t reached our goals?



Maybe you should try meal prepping for another 15th time.