Hey, you all. I hope everyone is well. So I received a text from a good friend of mine who told me that he consumes a two egg sandwich every day for breakfast and wanted to know was that ok. After I answered him, I figured this may be a question that many other health heads have so I wanted to go a little more into detail as well as share it with the world.

How many eggs are too many? Well there are many studies, blogs, reports, on different people attempting to address this and through my research I have noticed many different answers and I don’t want to you to become confused by all these different analysis’s or duped by a guy who looks good with his shirt off.


I have seen some say up to 3 eggs are completely fine for a healthy person to consume a day. Well here are the facts, a single egg contains 187mg of cholesterol per and the appropriate amount of cholesterol for a healthy person to consume is about 300mg daily.


Therefore, if eggs are your breakfast of choice every day then you should limit your consumption to 1 per sunrise. To give you an example, if you love to make a hearty egg sandwich to get you going in the morning lessen your two or three fried serving to one and replace the additional eggs with a slice of avocado, tomato, lettuce, or add a blend of your choice of vegetables to your fried egg. This will give you the filling you need but replace that second and/or third egg with more beneficial nutrients that will affect you in a positive way in the long run.  

Another thing we have to consider are the other foods that may be popular in our diet or that we‘ve enjoyed that day. They may be high in cholesterol as well. So if you are wolfing down 2-3 eggs a day, every day and aren’t really paying close attention to the other foods you are munching on; then things do become risky and you may find yourself at risk of heart disease later on in life.

If you are more like me and do not consume eggs on an everyday basis then when you’re heading out for brunch you don’t need to stress. You ordering an omelet that may contain 2-3 Easter eggs are completely fine.


In conclusion, our friends Mr. and Mrs. Egg are not bad; you don’t have to worry about whether or not you should invite them over for a quick bite. They a great source of protein and will always have a place in our breakfast hearts  however too many can result in a heartache. Therefore, when in doubt don’t pout, keep one of Eat Live Exercise’s friendly reminders on stand by:

1 egg a day keeps heart disease away.