As I walk into the gym I feel a quiet peace. It's a chance for me to find harmony and relaxation each time I march through those doors...


It's some of the few times each week where I get to be selfish and focus on myself. To me, exercise serves more than just a time to sweat. It's therapy for my mind, calming as mediation is in a faraway land. Giving me a break from everything else that’s going on in the rest of the world. It's physical rehabilitation, relaxing my body through stretching.

It heals me when I realize the back pain I had prior to walking into the gym is alleviated once I’ve left. It soothes me even when I don’t feel like going, I always feel more accomplished once the labor is done. I never started working out to “look good”; those were just positive results of me finally deciding that I needed something more. As a result not only did I start to notice my body change, I noticed my habits changing as well. I began to develop better practices removing unnecessary things from my life.

I became a better manager of my time, and as I set and reached new goals in the gym I started making goals in my personal life as well. I realized if I could slowly accomplish more and more in the gym each day I could certainly accomplish more in other aspects. I couldn’t imagine where I would be if I weren’t working out today. I would assume a lot less happy and probably trying to fill that void with things I most likely don’t need. I’m proud to say improving my fitness and nutrition were vital factors in my own personal growth and maturity and give me the confidence to set the bar higher each day.