Philadelphia, PA

Our journey begins in philadelphia, the city of brotherly love!


Timothy Hokett is a 8 year Nutrition & Fitness professional who has been guiding individuals through one on one nutritional counseling and fitness training since 2009. With a bachelor in Nutritional Science from Delaware State University it is there that Timothy fell in love with the idea of learning the deeper process of food and how it affects the body. Following graduation, Timothy went directly onto a path of entrepreneurship; shadowing Dr. Nicholas E. Henderson a Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Specialist currently based out of Orlando, Florida. While studying under Dr. Henderson Timothy focused on client need and how to alleviate pain and injury by increasing overall health and wellness through exercise. He then began practicing as a personal trainer. 

Timothy who always had a devotion to helping others went on to manage a staff of 14 in nutritional counseling visiting homeless shelters, drug rehabilitation centers, and a health centers for a non-profit organization in the inner city of Philadelphia for the next 3 years. Later in 2012, he decided to finally step out on his own developing his first private Nutritional and Fitness based Company.

Life then took a drastic turn as Timothy found himself joining the United States Peace Corps and leaving for East Africa relocating to the country of Uganda in 2013. While living across the other side of the globe Timothy began to see exactly how essential food can be; both its necessity and ready availability to every human being around the world. It is there he grew and learned numerous lessons, one being how even though food can grow on a tree in a garden in your backyard, one may still suffer from starvation or malnutrition. Furthermore, seeing how what we consume and how we consume it directly affects every additional aspect of our lives.

Upon returning with a new goal to better all of those around him, Timothy decided to reestablish his private nutritional and fitness company Eat Live Exercise in the last quarter of 2016 to share his skills, educate, and improve the lives of everyone he can.